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Hey there

I'm Kathryn but most people know me as Kat. I have always had a passion for the artistic side of things. It all began when my interest for hair and beauty at the young age of 11 drew me into the salon, that is where the passion for capturing the beauty from within and really showcasing it began. I loved being in the environment and present, when you could transform someone's whole image with just a little passion and love. It wasn't until I became a mother that I realized the importance of capturing all this beauty in just one flash. That is when I began to study photography.  I really seen the true correlation between the two business's. I soon came to the realization that this was my niche, being able to look through that view finder and see what maybe people couldn't see in themselves and have that moment frozen in time, was something I needed to be apart of. Thus bringing us to today when K4Kreative Beauty & Photography went from a dream, to one in motion. 

K4 Kreative
Drumheller, AB
(403) 334-7839

facts about me


I'm a mother of two incredibly loving children, who are both equally talented in their own genre, but we all share a love for sports and most days you will find me at the rink or ball diamond. 


I have been with my high school sweetheart since the age of 15. He gives me strength everyday to be better and encourages me to not just dream but to make them happen.


I am absolutely obsessed with all things paranormal, I truly believe are loved ones, who have passed on still are with us everyday we just cant see them. 


I have been battling Lyme Disease for the better part of 10 years. As much as this disease has taken from me in it's beginning stages, it has given me so much more. I have learnt to not waste a single good day cause you don't know when the next one will be.  

Some of my favorites!

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