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Whatever your photography needs are, don't hesitate to contact me and we can arrange a custom package to suit your individual needs. Or feel free to choose from one of our packages. 

Please read the note about individuals player packages, work process and delivery times.

With sports photography services, images will be offered almost immediately during an event for sale. They will be uploaded to a computer where the customer can puck and select their images and have them delivered right away. The disadvantage to this system us there is no editing whatsoever. The images are shot in jpg format and you pretty much "get what you see".

What we offer is a completely different, more customized product. After a large event, I might have anywhere from 10 000- 20 000 images. There are shot in RAW format. (Similar formats to what we use to have with negatives). Once the event is over, I will go over literally every single image in a process we call culling and sort, I end up with only the best images. Once these images have been sorted, I then start the editing and refining process of each and every image, adjusting color, exposure, sharpening and cropping. When that process is completed is when your images will be presented to you in yo0ur own private gallery for you to order prints from my customized print shop or simply download and print and share yourself. Those images are now yours and come with a custom print release. 

This all takes time, however your final images will be worth the wait. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO TWO WEEKS for delivery of your images. These memories will last a lifetime and is well worth the wait. 

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